“Thank you for CREATING THESE MEMORIES in my children’s lives…”




“Thank you for giving my children the opportunity to attend MUSKOKA WOODS.  As the weeks of summer passed, the ANTICIPATION GREW. The endless chatter of the activities they were going to do, the friends they were going to meet, what counsellor they would have, which cabin they would be in; SUCH EXCITEMENT!!!  And as before, they were not let down. The hours on the way home listening to the STORIES OF FUN, PLAY, GAMES, ACTIVITIES, and FRIENDS they had made from all over….


Thank you for CREATING THESE MEMORIES in my children’s lives, and sharing their stories with other children that have come FACE TO FACE WITH CANCER. In the MIDDLE OF A STORM we must have HOPE of another day, another SMILE, another RAINBOW. With heartfelt love and blessings, we thank you.”

-Zachara Beemer






“It’s hard to know how to begin to say thank you for the week you gave our boys at MUSKOKA WOODS. Our family has had A DIFFICULT YEAR since our six-year-old son Sam was DIAGNOSED WITH LEUKEMIA and it’s fair to say that the SILENT SUFFERERS among us are Sam’s older brothers Luke and Jake. They have been UNBELIEVABLY UNDERSTANDING of the time and energy that now gets directed to their brother as he goes through his treatment. They don’t complain, but I know

there is less down time and fun and patience that is available for my deserving older boys.


This is why the week spent at MUSKOKA WOODS was cherished by our whole family. Their joy was effusive as my sons came off the bus with HUGE SMILES. They ran into my arms and the first thing out of their mouths was “CAN WE GO BACK NEXT YEAR?” From all accounts it was A WEEK OF PURE JOY and indulgence in their own fun. They got to CHALLENGE THEMSELVES with many first experiences of WATERSKIING, and ROPES COURSE, but I think the family favourite must have been the WATER SLIDES.


If you ask my kids today what the BEST PART OF THEIR SUMMER was, it would undoubtedly be MUSKOKA WOODS. Thank you for a most MEMORABLE camp experience and for giving my boys such a JOYFUL WEEK in the midst of a HARD YEAR.”

-The Magnatta Family









One day, Oscar and I were playing on the couch when Oscar started to feel bad, and before we knew it, we were in the hospital.  Then the doctor came out and said OSCAR HAD BLOOD CANCER.  At that point, I was terrified.  Immediately, I knew it was going to be the hardest moment of my life.  Oscar was on medication for such a long time.  It felt like 50 years.  It went on for 3 years. It was terrible but he got cured from his cancer.”

-Liam, 8 years old



“Mackenzie’s Hope gives a MUCH NEEDED BREAK to the brothers and sisters who are impacted by this terrible disease, a break from hospital visits, a break from cancelled plans, and a break from disappointment.  MACKENZIE’S HOPE GIVES to the often FORGOTTEN KIDS affected by cancer. Mackenzie’s Hope BUILDS KIDS UP and CREATES SMILES! With deep appreciation.”

-The Galvin Family