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Congratulations to Sandra Groves and Vanessa Wappel. On Saturday, August 13, 2016, they completed their epic 20K swim across Lake Rosseau.  They started at 5:30am and finished their gruelling swim just before 1:00pm – 7.5 hours later. Wow!  Together, Sandra and Vanessa exceeded their goal; raising an amazing $7,035.00 for Mackenzie’s Hope, and Muskoka Woods Youth Foundation.  Thank you to everyone who supported them financially, and with prayer. A special shout-out to the fleet of kayakers and boaters who braved the wind, rain, and waves to keep Sandra and Vanessa safe, hydrated, and fed. 

“Mackenzie’s Hope” sponsors siblings of youth with cancer to come to Muskoka Woods for a week. It is a time that allows them the freedom to think about things besides cancer. It does not erase the pain or the sadness but it does give them a chance to smile just a little bit more.

“Every kid needs to experience summer camp… some just need it a little bit more than others.”

Sandra Groves

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