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A huge shout out and thanks to Ryan Karayiannis. What an inspiration you are.  It was great to see you at the finish line – running the race and overcoming the mental and physical battle of a half marathon for the first time. Many thanks to your friends Matthew Wells and Aaron Armstrong who ran by your side – encouraging you, motivating you, setting the pace. 
As Ryan told us afterwards, a race like this is best done with the support and encouragement of friends. Without them running by his side, cheering him on, driving him to persevere, one might falter under the physical pain, fall behind and become discouraged.  Ryan, thank you for championing the vision of Mackenzie’s Hope with such enthusiasm.  To everyone who stepped up to cheer on Ryan, Matt, and Aaron, and make donations to Mackenzie’s Hope – THANK YOU.  You may never know how much your support encourages us to realize Mackenzie’s vision to bless children touched by cancer with the gift of summer camp at Muskoka Woods. Your donations, no matter how small, make a huge difference to us, and in the lives of children marginalized by cancer. Because of you, we can look forward to seeing so many more children receive the gift of camp this summer and experience all that Muskoka Woods can offer. Thank you for encouraging the many families touched by cancer to run the race set out before them.

Dave & Linda Masson


A week at Muskoka Woods can be a transformational and awakening time for someone of any age…”


“…Mackenzie’s Hope gives kids affected by cancer time to process in a safe and caring environment, build life-long relationships, and have a week they will never forget!”

-Ryan Karayiannis

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Mackenzie’s Hope sends siblings of children with cancer, and other children touched by cancer, to Muskoka Woods Summer Camp.